Valentine’s Day on a Budget
February 8, 2012, 10:27 AM
Filed under: Fun on a budget

It’s a few days before Valentines day and your refrigerator goes down, and you must have it repaired but you spent the savings on the car repair, other new appliance, or your child’s braces.  There goes your plans of a romantic weekend.  Think again.  In today’s blog I will recommend some great activities that will make your significant other feel loved and cherished.

Okay we’ll start with couples on this one.  Rule #1 Be Creative.  One of my favorite Valentine’s Day memories was when my husband and I were dating.  I decorated the apartment with doilies and heart cut-outs, had some romantic music playing, and made his favorite dinner.  Afterwards we watched his favorite movie (Ladies, this means HIS favorite movie).  He’ll be so happy to be well fed and that you know his favorite movie and will watch it with him (no matter how silly, creepy, or weird it is), you may even spur him to reciprocate!  No gifts needed.  Guys this works in for your lady too.  Bonus tip: for guys make the dinner yourself, use the good china(it says that she is special and valued) and CLEAN UP afterwards.  If your cooking skills are not up to par try making a meal from prepared foods.  These days it is a lot easier with the magic of the frozen food section.  Go to your local grocery store and scan the frozen meal isle.  To make it look like you spent a lot of time be sure to balance the meal with veggies, a meat or chicken/turkey, and starch(rice, potatoes).  Make a salad.  Dont worry you can buy a mixed bag salad it has all ingredients and usually the dressing too.  Also have a dessert ready.  an easy homemade treat is to choose a sherbet any flavor except lemon, and a box of Nila wafers.

Directions for sherbet sandwiches:  Get sherbet out of the freezer and cookies out of the cubbard.  You will need a small ice cream scoop, and aluminum foil, and a small cookie sheet.  This should be done at least 1hr before serving.  Step 1  – place 20 wafers upside down.  Scoop 1 small scoop of sherbet on each cookie and top with another cookie right side up.  Repeat until you have 10 completed cookies.  Place a sheet of aluminum over the cookie sheet and press it to form.  Put all 10 finished cookies on the cookie sheet and place in freezer on flat surface.  Keep there until ready to serve (at least 1hr).  To serve put on a decorative plate.

Rule #2- Call in a favor.  Families, I know you think no matter what you do for Valentines, it will be an expense.  The babysitter, the gas to get to dinner, paying for dinner, it keeps going up!  It’s a frustrating cycle.  On holidays like this one the price of each of these items goes up considerably; simple supply and demand lesson.  There are solutions.  Men, if you have daughters (and a wife) send them flowers.  They will remember it for the rest of their lives.  I did.  It doesn’t cost much, and you don’t have to have them delivered on Valentine’s Day early delivery is often cheaper.  Choose a local florist and tell them how much you would like to spend on each or total and they will even come up with a suggestion.  Make sure you include a generous tip.  They work hard just like you and probably only make minimum wage.  If you’d like to take your spouse out for an evening but need a babysitter here is an idea.  Ask your neighbor or friend to watch your kids and offer an exchange that you’ll watch hers on a night that she and her husband can go out.  Favors exchanged hands but no money; both of you will be happy and the kids will have fun too!

 Rule#3- Demonstrate you love.  Singles, for those living in the Sellersville area; on Monday the 20th of February at 7pm the Sellersville Theater is showing Casablanca for free!  They do sell snacks and drinks including beer and wine for under $10 so you can turn it into a memorable evening.  Or after the show go to the Washington House for dessert and share one.  Be romantic get dressed up and don’t say where you are going.  Women love surprises.  Guys remember be a gentleman.  Why do ladies watch those romantic movies because they remind of us of who you are.  Open the car doors, help us with our coats, tell us in your own words how beautiful we are, stand when we enter or leave a room.  These gifts are all free and priceless at the same time.  Good Luck!


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