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February 9, 2012, 9:42 AM
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Good Morning All!  Today’s blog is about making gifts from what you have around the house.  First we’ll start with craft necessities that you should have around the house.  A glue gun –this is a small investment which will pay off big time and you can use this for hundreds of crafts.  Decorative paper– You can make greeting cards, place mats, gift tags, and much more.  Stamps and ink again these supplies will enable you to do so much for so little.  I recommend the newest versions clear peel and stick stamps and clear blocks.  They are easy to clean and take up less space for storage.  Craft paint and brushes –colors to keep on hand are red, blue, and yellow.  You can mix what you need to make other colors.  Start with small bottles they are about 60 cents at your local craft store.  Finally save ribbon and bows and tissue paper you get on presents and greeting cards you can cut up and repurpose these items.  Also check your mail for circulars from your craft store and if they have a rewards card sign up for it you can shop when there are discounts and often get more coupons.

Here are some simple crafts you can do for your significant other.  Make a cd of their favorite songs they don’t have to be romantic.  Make a coupon book of 5-6 coupons that your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend can cash in at anytime.  It can be romantic coupons such as a nice dinner out with dinner and a show.  Or a “favor” like one this entitles the bearer to one meal prepared, cooked, and cleaned up afterwards.  Ladies, for your guy try having dinner on the table when he gets home, a homemade craft for dad (if the kids are little, or have them do extra chores around the house), the kids in bed or out for the night, and a rental movie ready to go with popcorn and soda.  Give him a chance to relax. Ask him how his day was.  Don’t tell him how yours was unless he asks and make it short.  Another version of this would be call his friends and suggest a day out Paintball, football pick up game, go to movie or sports bar, go hunting, ride ATVs, whatever he likes.  Take the kids out, send them to grandma’s or have them do some clean up or other chores.

Moms and Dads, here are some things you can do with your kids for Valentine’s Day; make a gift, make decorations, bake cookies or a cake and let them help, or volunteer.  Did you say volunteer?  Yep.  Sure did.  Volunteering isn’t just for the Christmas holiday.  Teach your kids and family to LOVE others.  This is something you can do by yourself, with your spouse, or your kids.  First, there are so many places to volunteer look to find one that fits your style.  It will be hard to commit if your heart is not really in it.  Some suggestions;  local food banks-they often need donations, delivery and organizational help.  Mana on main street in the Lansdale, PA area.  Another idea make pictures and cards with your kids and friends kids and take them to your local nursing home and distribute.  This is one of my favorites for a few reasons; it gives the kids something constructive to do and they can socialize together(great on a snowy or rainy afternoon), you get some adult interaction, and these patients and the staff of the nursing home are encouraged and up lifted.  One thing you should do ahead of time is contact the office at the nursing home and ask when it would be a good time to come and if they allow you to visit with the patients.  A bonus tip: make cake or cupcakes for the staff and a thank you card.  These are often thankless jobs and you will be surprised at the response you get.  Other organizations include Big brothers/Big Sisters-there is one in Warminster/Jamison area on York rd.  Other places you can help out at your Church or Synagogue in the childcare areas, the Lansdale Crisis Pregnancy Center, Keystone Opportunity Center, Philadelphia Access Center, Interfaith Hospitality Network, your local hospital often has a volunteer coordinator you can check in with.  Other things you can do are help an elderly neighbor by going on an errand for them.

Here is today’s craft idea:  Heart of Love.  You will need and egg carton, red craft paint, small craft paint brush, a 12×12 white piece of card stock, and a black shadow box picture 12×12 frame.  Cut the bottoms of the egg carton off about 3/4 in in height.  Paint each one red and arrange on card stock in heart shape.  Trace the heart onto cardstock to use as guide.  Then with hot glue gun glue each piece in place.  Then glue card stock in place to the inside of frame.  It looks great and makes a great decoration for inside or on the door.  To make a door hanger instead of mounting in frame trim down the excess paper and punch holes in top string some ribbon through and hang on door.

Happy crafting friends!


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