Job Search
February 15, 2012, 8:56 PM
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Like a lot of people out there you may have been laid off and thinking now what?  First, call unemployment.  File immediately.  Don’t waste time.  Next, take a breath.  Yes, you are entitled to be upset, or even mad.  Take a day or two and get yourself together.  Do some chores around the house and relax.  Don’t take it personally.

Look at the local Sunday paper, it is usually the largest section of want ads for the week and will have the latest and newest postings.  Also hit the web.  Post your resume on some search sites.  While there, look at what employers are searching for in a candidate.  Next consider rewriting your resume.  There are often lots of places where you can get help for free to do this.  In PA, the unemployment department uses Career Builder.

Talk to your friends.  Do you remember the game six degrees of separation?  Well its simple we are all separated by 6 people.  Someone out there knows someone else who has a need for someone like you.  Another idea is to drive around your area and look for hiring signs.

Still another option is to start your own business.  What do like to do?  What do people say you are good at?  Ask your friends and family they’ll be honest.  If there are a lot of dogs in your neighborhood consider a dog walking business.  If you are a great cook have a home-based catering company.  If you throw awesome shindig, be a party planner.  There are a million ways to make a living.  You just have to find yours.  Good Luck.