Tips for eating healthy
February 21, 2012, 8:51 AM
Filed under: Healthly Living

Happy Faschnaut Day!   Or for those of you English-Shrove Tuesday or if your French-Mardi Gras, or most people Fat Tuesday.  This according to tradition means that we fast or give up something and use this time to reflect on the meaning of Easter.    Often New Years or Lent as an opportunity to make some changes in our eating habits.  Sometimes we say I’ll give up sweets, another way to do this is to say I’ll eat more vegetables.  I am sure we all know by now that diets don’t work.  I read an article where a doctor explains why this happens.  I was surprised by what she said, but after listening to the explanation, it made a lot of sense and I’d like to share with you what I learned.

1) Diets don’t work because we are depriving ourselves and it seems like punishment.  By completely eliminating something from our diet we make it very hard to go “cold turkey.” It becomes increasingly harder as time goes on to keep this up; temptation kicks in and we cave and sometimes go overboard.  Then we’re back where we started.

2) Don’t compare your body to a magazine, model, or movie star.  These folks have millions of dollars, a personal trainer, nutritionist, and a team of doctors at their disposal.  Yet most still don’t seem happy.  Resolve to stop criticizing your body.  A real lasting change the nurse said comes when you accept your body type.

3)  Figure out what drives your overeating.  Is it stress, anger, boredom.  Once you know what it is you can more readily treat the issue.  The doctor says you can’t address these issues with calorie counting, diets, and weigh ins.

4) Find a different way to soothe yourself.  Have you ever heard the phrase “comfort food?”  This is because many of us turn to food to comfort what ales us.  A few women I know (including my self), have a specific food we turn to either when we’re feeling down or sad from a break up or had a rough day.  Some of us eat ice cream, candy, salty treats, or even go out and have drinks with friends, or go shopping.  What we need to do is find a new healthy way to deal with these feelings.  Some ideas are to substitute an activity when you feel like this, go for a walk with your friends and get some fresh air.  Work out.  Get that frustration out by exercising, pop in a workout video or turn on the fitness channel.

5)  Get help with keeping the other four above principles.  Have an accountability partner.  This can be a trainer at your gym, a work out partner, or friend.  Agree that you will hold each other accountable.  Check in everyday, once a week or once a month.  The more the you give this person access the better and quicker it will be to establish healthy habits.



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