Great Deals for Prescription Medications
March 5, 2012, 8:09 PM
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OK, so this is the hottest find since wasabi covered hot peppers!! For those of you who live in the Greater Lehigh Valley area and have limited or no prescription drug coverage (unfortunately the number of us in this situation seems to increasing everyday!) you gotta look into the Valley Prescription card. There’s no signing-up, no club, no nothing!! The Valley Rx Card is a FREE discount prescription assistance program launched to help uninsured and underinsured residents afford their prescriptions. Just print the card straight from the web and your set!! The link even provides a prescription drug calculator so you can find the best priced medication at area pharmacies.
To learn more go to the Valley Rx Card link at the following website:

Another hot tip for anyone in any area: Did you know that if you have a prescription for an antibiotic, you can get it free of charge from Wegmens or Giant.

Find out what company makes your prescription medicine.  Most of the larger companies (Merck, Astra Zeneca, etc) have some form of a patient assistance program.  If you don’t know who makes it ask your doctor or look it up on-line.  These programs make your medication available to you for little to no money depending on the company.  You will have to fill out a form which you can do on-line and it may take a few weeks but will be a great service to you and your family.  It is even delivered to your door in most cases.  There are many sites like which can help you by locating the drug you need and direct you to the right company.  You can also ask your doctor.  They usually have lots of samples from drug reps lying around see if yours is one or ask if there is a generic substitution for your specific medication.

Hope we all stay well and don’t need to take advantage of these deals, but if you do get ill, the thought of all the savings your receiving will help you keep a smile on your face.

Stay Healthy and may God Bless!


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