I can make money selling what!?!
March 7, 2012, 10:06 AM
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Everyone has had or been to a yard sale at one time.  This is a great way to get rid of somethings cluttering your home and closets.  Get together with your neighbors and pick a date to do your yard sale.  The weather is getting nicer now.  Have a multi-family yard sale.  Choose a spot in a cul-de-sac or at end of street this enables your customers to park safely.  Another option may be to ask you church to use the parking lot or auditorium.  If you can’t have a yard sale because you live in a development where they don’t allow it, then choose a friend’s home.

How about going to a consignment shop and sell the old prom and bridesmaids dresses and accessories.  “It’s New to You” Consignment shop, Thursday-Saturday 9am-4:30pm beginning April 1st, at the Barn at Victoria Leather 691 Sumneytown Pike Harleysville.  215-256-6101 Call for appointment.  This works and I have done it.  The shop owner is very nice and honest and fair.  I have sold bridesmaids dresses and cocktail dresses there.  You should have them in cleaned and in good condition.

We’ve all hear of cash for gold and silver, but what about money for movies?   There are stores (like FYE) where you can sell movies and videos in good condition.  Some will even accept trades.  This a great way to make some extra cash or to trade up your entertainment budget without spending any money.  I just found out that FYE a music and movie store in the Montgomeryville Mall will be adding another incentive to bring your movies and cds.  Starting on Monday March 11, will be offering 50% more if you take store credit.  One note, if you are bringing more than a few to sell, please call ahead so that they can dedicate a staff member to help you.  It takes some time to look up each item and determine the value of each.  UPDATE: We took about 40 movies that we had and didn’t really watch and sold them to the store.  The results were amazing!  I had no idea we would do so well.  Of the movies we brought we sold about 30. 

   Some movies were worth more than others and we learned a few tips to pass along so that you can take advantage of this innovative way to make money.  One is that you should check movies for condition.  Make sure there are no scratches on the cds, buff them out if you have the supplies to do that.  Another thing to keep in mind is if they are new or duplicate movies in your collection; be sure the celephane wraping is off the package.  They will not even look at movies that are wrapped.  Some movies are worth more than others.  If you have boxed sets in the case they are worth the most.  Make sure they all have upc codes.  Also kids movies seem to bring more money than others.  Most movies will fetch a dollar some are less than that and the store will only buy movies that will pay $1 or more.   We earned $55 for our old movies.!  I hope you do just as well or even better.   Good luck!


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