Learn to craft with friends
March 11, 2012, 6:26 PM
Filed under: Craft Ideas

Check  your local craft store for fun and creative ways to occupy your child and yourself.  Most of these larger chain stores offer crafting classes every month.  Some are in a sequence and others are a one time committment.  They have classes on just about anything; from crochet to cake decorating to knitting to calligraphy.  Check with the help desk at your store and ask for a calendar and pricing.  Most classes have a range of $10-$20 which may or may not include supplies.  Classes are available in am and evenings, weekend classes usually fill up fast. In addition you may want to check the age requirements for the class.

Another option may be to celebrate a birthday for your child there.  At our local craft store they advertise kid’s craft parties for only $50 + what ever supplies you need for the craft.  This fee includes room rental, party planner, set-up and clean-up, 2hr party and craft instruction by staff member.  You can bring in your own cake and food and beverages.  There are many non-conventional places where you can have a fun and inexpensive party.  Here are a few suggestions:

1) Choose a local park and rent a pavilion.  Bring your own food and BBQ your dogs and burgers.  Rent a canoe, or go swimming, or if a friend has a boat bring that and tube on the water.  If there is no lake bring some lawn games or volleyball net.  Go on a nature hike and make a game out of collecting or spotting animals and plants.  Check with the park ranger and find out the policy on groups and collecting.  Some do not allow you to disrupt the wild life at all.

2) Ever see the Amazing Race? This show follows teams as they race around the world performing tasks and working to gether toward a prize.  Make your own.  If this will be a game for kids make sure you have adult drivers for each.  Keep it simple and close to home.  You can do just about anything.  Choose historical markers to follow and see if you can arrange a task to do with the site.  IMPORTANT: Ask permission to put up receptacle for clues or have someone staged to be there for direction.  Tip: have video cameras and record as you go.  Then watch them later when your all done.

3)  Museums are another great resource.  Local museums are great places to get involved with.  The often supply a craft and a person to direct the children as well as invitations.  Some even include paper products and cake.  These are good for boys and girls.  Some suggestions for boys would be to take the kids to Valley Forge and have them re-enact the battle.  Be creative.

These are just a few ideas.  Try them out and let me know how it goes.  Have fun!


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