Business Etiquite
March 19, 2012, 7:58 PM
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Q. Who calls back when disconnected on the telephone?

A. When there is poor telephone connection or when you are disconnected, the individual who originated/initiated the call is responsible for calling back the other party.

Q. What is the proper etiquette when using CALLER ID?

A. When using CALLER ID, avoid greeting a caller by using his name before he says “Hello” and identifies himself.

Q. Are speakerphones rude?

A. No, simply ask permission before putting a person on the telephone’s speakerphone. Phone etiquette telephone etiquette telephone manners phone manners

Q. What is the polite way to leave a voice mail message?

A. Repeat your name and telephone number twice when leaving a voice mail message.

Q. Is it necessary to apologize for not immediately returning a phone call that had been originally initiated by yourself?

A. All telephone calls should be promptly returned, regardless of who initiated the original phone call.

Q. What is the proper way to answer the phone?

A. When answering the phone at your desk say…”Hello, this is Mr. Smith” Do not say phrases such as “Mr. Smith here!” or simply “Hello”.

Q. What is the proper time to arrive for an appointment?

A. Always arrive on time for an appointment.—Never arrive late. —Arrive no more than five minutes early.

Q. How much perfume/cologne is acceptable to wear at work?

A. Perfume, cologne or aftershave should be applied sparingly, evoking a subtle scent. Strong fragrances, as well as, inexpensive or “cheap” fragrances are often offensive to business associates and therefore inappropriate in a professional venue.

Q. How should I critic a teammate’s performance?

A. Avoid making harsh, critical comments regarding your or another person’s (partner, teammate or member of opposing team) playing ability

Q. I have been asked out to lunch with a potential employer. I assume he will pay the check, but should I offer to pay it, or at least my portion?

A. It is always polite to offer to pay for the meal and shows good will on your part. However, it is customary for the individual who extended the invitation to cover the check.

Q. What is considered appropriate and customary dress for men and women for a dinner party when the invitation states “Cocktail” attire?

A. A dark well-tailored suit for men and a black or jewel-toned knee- or tea-length dress for women would be appropriate for cocktail attire.

Q. What is the proper distance to stand from someone when introducing yourself?

A. In the United States, stand at an approximate distance of one arm’s length from an individual when introducing yourself

Q. Is it proper to send a gift basket to a client at their home address?

A. Is it proper to send a holiday gift basket to a client at their home address? In most cases, it is more appropriate to send a business gift to the company address. However, if you know the client well and he has given you his home address, then the gift may be sent to the home.



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