Bring a Little Spring In
March 29, 2012, 8:38 AM
Filed under: Craft Ideas, helpful household hints

Who doesn’t love flowers!?!   They always make me feel happy and I feel they add life and cheer to any room.  I have seen many a magazine article on arranging flowers and choosing the right vase.  However, you are anything like me I have difficulty in knowing which to choose or am intimidated by all the craft gurus with their own magazines and tv shows.  Who has time for “51 easy steps you too can create this homemade treasure….”  get real!   I don’t have “people” who come in and shop for me, do my hair and makeup and feed and walk my animals.  I am pretty sure that all of you don’t either.

Here is a craft I found in a magazine that my mother-in-law sends me.  This is one I plan to try this weekend.  It seems simple enough that even I can do it.  If I am successful I thought I might make gifts out of more for Easter.  You will need a glass jar, cleaned with the label removed, tube of white puff paint, and matte white spray paint.

1) Applying even pressure, draw a design on the jar with the tip of the puff paint.  Allow the paint to fully dry (double the time recommended on package.

2)  In a well ventilated space on a newspaper-covered surface, apply a light coat of spray paint to the jar, holding the can 12” away; let it dry.  Apply 2 or 3 more light coats, allowing to dry after each coat; until fully covered.

Optional:  In stead of drawing a design, make a gift by writing a message like Get Well Soon or Happy Easter!

3)  Fill with flowers and water.  Enjoy!

Vase number 2:

Materials:  Coffee or soup can, cleaned, with label removed; tape measure, 2 colors of grosgrain ribbon of same width (1/2 -1”)

scissors, hot glue gun and glue sticks.

1) measure the can’s height and circumference; add 1/2” to each.  Choose one color to use on circumference and measure as needed to cover the can horizontally, plus 2 for top and bottom.   For second color: cut as many pieces to cover the can vertically. (For a can 5″ tall and 12” you’ll need 7 long pieces of 1” ribbon and 12 1/2”  long pieces of 1” ribbon in one color, twelve 5 1/2” long pieces of the other.

2) Arrange the longer pieces on a table ( reserve the top and bottom pieces) with the sides just touching, creating a rectangle.  Apply the hot glue along one of the shorter ribbons, then carefully place it on top of one short end of the rectangle to hold the long ribbons in place.  Straighten the long ribbons, if needed, while the glue is wet.  Let dry.

3) Starting at the glued-down end, weave a short piece of ribbon over and under the long ones.  Get it as close as possible to the first short piece, then attach it at the top and bottom with glue.  Continue with the short pieces alternating the over/under, until the entire rectangle is woven.  Trim any excess.

4)  Wrap the rectangle around the can, hot-glue the glued-down short end to cover the opposite end.  Apply a line of glue around the top of the can and attach one of the reserved ribbons, folding the end under to hide the raw edge.  Repeat at the bottom of the can.


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