More Household hints
April 4, 2012, 7:53 AM
Filed under: helpful household hints

Morning Everyone!  I hope you are all ready for the upcoming Easter/Passover holiday.  Here are some more helpful household hints for organization and recycling of old products.  These come from my husband’s Aunt.  I hope you find them as useful as I did.

1.  Use a Pringle’s container to store spaghetti.

2.  Rubberband a stocking or sock over your vacuum to find small lost objects like earings.

3.  Use a sticky note to catch debris while drilling on a wall.  Take the sticky note and fold in half so that the sticky side attaches to the wall and fold up to create a shelf that will catch debris as it falls.  When finished simply fold up and toss in the trash.

4.  Instead of buying swiffer pads use a dish cloth to clean your floors.  It’s washable and reuseable=earth friendly and less money!

5.  If you wrap Christmas lights around a hanger they will never tangle.

6.  Use a can opener to open those pesky plastic packages and save your hands and the scissors.

7.  Place a wooden spoon across the top of a pot to keep it from over boiling.


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