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April 7, 2012, 9:26 AM
Filed under: Craft Ideas

I am very excited to try this one!  Let me know how you make out!

Framed Flowers

Materials:  Picture frame, Fabric (2” longer and wider than frame), pencil, scissors, hot glue gun, glue sticks, scrapbook paper, 3 buttons per flower 1 lg 2 small.  Precut floral stem wire, wire cutters.

1.) Fold a 2” to 4” square of paper in half twice to get a small square.  Fold on the diagonal so that all unfolded edges are at one end of the triangle.

2) Holding the triangle as shown, round off the unfolded edge with scissors to create a petal shape; unfold.

3)   Center the largest button on the flower and use a pencil to mark the buttonholes on the paper.  Remove button; poke holes through marks with floral stem wire.

4)  Crimp the wire 2” from end.  thread 1 hole of the small button onto the wire, then the second hole onto the short end.  Repeat with large button, then paper (using holes as your guide),  then final button.  Twist the wire below back button to secure; trim excess with wire cutters.

To frame the flowers;

1) Remove picture backing board and glass from frame.  Discard glass.

2)  Center board on wrong side of fabric.  Fold extra fabric onto back of board and hot glue in place, top and bottom first, then sides, tightening the fabric as you go to smooth out wrinkles.  Let dry.  Replace board in frame.

3)  Make 1 or 2 flowers trimming wire to fit frame.  Hot glue onto fabric behind petals and leaves (so glue won’t show).  Let dry.



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