Dog Etiquette
April 9, 2012, 9:52 PM
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Walking your Dog- 

Clean up after they mess – dog etiquette requires that you always carry plastic bags with you for this purpose.

Keep them under controlat all times. Use a lead near people but particularly around children, elderly people, other dogs and animals – but especially, if they are not properly socialized.

Use common sense. We have seen a small kid walking a large dog on a leash. That dog is not under control.

We have also seen a slightly built woman with two large dogs on leashes. Ditto!

Off a lead they soon get beyond your verbal control. Large dogs can pose a threat to others however well-behaved you may believe your pet to be.

Small ones can provoke a dog-fight to their own detriment.

There are strong laws against dog attacks to the point of having the offending animal destroyed.

Mealtimes (yours)

Dogs begging at the dinner table is bad dog etiquette. It reflects badly on the owner and can be an embarrassment or an annoyance to your guests.

We love our dogs and sometimes find their pleading expression sooooo cute or irresistible, but this view is not necessarily shared by your visitors even if they smile indulgently. Do not be fooled.

If you have created a food beggar, your dog will consistently be a beggar.

It will notsuddenly improve its manners because guests are present.

It will require patience and persistence on your part to turn this habit around but when you do, your pet will be happier for it and less stressed at your mealtimes.

Teach it to stay on its own mat in sight of, but away from your dining table so that it is not underfoot.

Your guests will be impressed, but, do not let them undo your good dog etiquette training by offering tit-bits to your animal from their plates or elsewhere.

Training your Dog

Teach basic manners to your dog – sit, stay, heel, down, bed & quiet.

This will make it a pleasure to be with and easier to practice good dog etiquette.

Don’t know how to train your dog? There is lots of help right at your fingertips. Check it out.

If you cannot find help from the sponsors listed at the top or right side of this page, you are sure to find something suitable at the library or your nearest bookstore.

Remember, don’t shout at or hit your dog. Ever.

Shouting and hitting only intimidates your dog and shows up your own shortcomings – that you do not have patience and are using the wrong method to train your dog.

Dogs want desperately to please their owners.

Dogs have good memories – even the ‘scatty’ ones.

They watch your every move, closely.

Dogs are easily distracted.

Dogs respond well to rewards.

Dogs have feelings and will always forgive your faults.

They are ‘pack animals’ and want to stay close to you.

Good dog trainers use these attributes to advantage and consequently get remarkable results.



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