April 26, 2012, 8:29 PM
Filed under: couponing, Financial tips, helpful household hints

Okay readers, so here are a few more tips about couponing.  While on this journey to save money I have discovered a few tips and tricks. Some I have heard from others and others I have leaned by trial and error.

1)  Giant doubles your coupons automatically your coupons (unless the coupon says do not double).

2)  shop in the middle of the week because stores jack up prices later in the week as most people shop on weekends.

3) Hold on to coupons.  Don’t use them right away, I have heard that stores raise prices in the beginning of month when coupons come out to compensate for their use.

4) Don’t drive too far out of your way.  You will lose the savings from the coupon or price difference.

5) You don’t have to buy name brand everything, some things it is okay to buy store brand.  If you need something branded get on the internet and search by product name.  Almost every one has a web page and printable coupons you can use at any store.

6)  Collect coupons from Val-Pac, local newspapers, and mailers.

7) Shop warehouses for things you can store in bulk like toilet paper, paper towels, and other dry goods.   Often these places have coupons as well when you walk in.


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