Welcome to Greenback Grazers!  This site is devoted to helping others out there who are struggling to make ends meet.  We started this blog after talking with friends and finding we are not the only ones affected by this economy.  Some of us had lost our jobs, others had lost a loved one or provider, still others have to take second or third jobs to meet their needs.  Once we shared our struggles we discovered that we could help each other and share the burden.  We discovered that we all had some ideas that could save money and still live like we aren’t on a budget.  After swapping ideas, we realized that there have to be others out there experiencing the very same thing.  Why not share our ideas with them and help others!?!  While we will give advice that can be used anywhere in the U.S. we will focus our specific events to our area; Bucks, Montgomery, and Lehigh counties in PA.  Welcome to Greenback Grazers.  We have been blessed with individual talents and different situations.  One maybe good at crafting, another is a great cook, and still another a great saver; the point is we’re all in this together so why not share our tricks of the trade and make life a little more manageable.  So read and enjoy grazing on your greenbacks!


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Hey guys! This is Shauna from Bible study. I have no other way to contact you. But, I forgot that we are going to a baseball game tonight…so I won’t be at dinner or Bible study. See you next week!

Comment by Shauna Roeder

Thanks Shauna,
I hope you will become a suscriber to our blog. Feel free to leave rankings and comments! I hope you had fun at the game we look forward to catching up with all of you after Easter! Be blessed!
Adrianna and Christine

Comment by greenbackgrazers

Good idea. Money is tight for many people these days!

Comment by broadsideblog

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