Lansdale Farmers’ Market
May 7, 2012, 3:26 PM
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Hello Readers!  We had a terrific time at Lansdale’s First Friday last week!  We parked for free at the train station and walked around and explored some of the stores and the different business that had booths on each end.  As usual there was no shortage of kids activities.  The music was great and seeing some of the new stores in the area was nice.  We also were awakened to some of the adult activities as well.  There was a free beer tasting from several different breweries.  One of them Prism, is actually located in Lansdale on 810 Dickerson Rd the entrance is in the rear on the alley side.  They have a tasting room and a unique set of flavors in their beer. We talked with the owner and learned that they started bottling the signature beer, Bitto Honey, in the fall of 2011 and will add ParTea Pale Ale and seasonal products this year (2012).  The taproom opened in July of 2011 and you can join us 7 days a week for pints of our beer, PA made wine, and gourmet hot dogs!  The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.  They always have something coming up so check out the website  Support some local guys and a local business!

While at the 1st night celebration, we also found out some more info on other events that are coming up in our area; the Lansdale Beer Tasting Festival 2012.  Saturday June 23, 2012.  Benefiting the Lansdale Public Library other non-profit organizations. Check out the website at

Lansdale also has a farmers market which takes place every Saturday from May 19th-November 3td at 9am-1pm at Railroad Ave.  There is always fresh produce, herbs and dairy products and baked goods.  Plants and artisan crafts are also available.  Every 3td Saturday of each month there is children’s story time.  www.lansdalefarmersmarket.0rg

Have a wonderful week all!


Charity begins at home
April 22, 2012, 6:47 PM
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Hey everyone!  I hope all is well and you enjoyed the beautiful weather on friday and saturday and are safely curled up at home this evening with some hot beverage.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely.  We had the opportunity to see one of our favorite bands Big Shot when they were featured at a fundraiser locally.  We had a great time and I ‘d like to give a shout out to the people of Beth Or for being so welcoming to us and showing us how to party down!  Thanks for sharing and good luck to Rabbi Axel!

On another note, Saturday we went shoe shopping for my husband and had a reward card for $10 off and sure enough we found a pair he liked on sale and with our reward card saved $20!  But the biggest piece of information I picked up was about a program they participate in called Shoe Box Project.  This program provides support for the men and women of the armed services; Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Army, Airforce.  When you bring in your used shoes (any brand, from any store or manufacture, as long as there are no holes or worn thru bottoms), they can be dirty and old as long as the condition is good.  The store collects your shoes and sends them out to the USO who cleans and repairs and then sells the shoes.  The proceeds go to the purchase of clean socks and shoes for our service personnel!  I love supporting companies who support our armed forces plus I actually get something back as well.  The store, Famous Footwear; will give me $10 off my next purchase of $50 or more.  Even better!  This will probably be most helpful to those of you with families who go through shoes quickly.  I thought this was great regardless.  Hopefully it is helpful to you.  Have a great week all!

Deal of the Week (March 4 to 10, 2012)
March 7, 2012, 9:47 AM
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Here’s a great incentive to get you coupon clipping !!
My years of running have left my knees less than cooperative as I play weekend warrior on area hiking trails. I know some research supports the use glucosamine to improve joint function but the cost is out of this world!! Which brings me to the deal of the week!! Check out Rite Aid for buy-one-get-one offers on Osteo Bioflex ( and to add to the savings use the $5 off coupon in last Sunday’s paper, or print out a $3 coupon on line at the Osteo Bioflex website. I compared Rite Aid pricing on Osteo Bioflex to other area stores and it is very similar, so no fears on the store running up the price of one bottle to get the other one ‘free’ (something you have to look out for from time to time). I got the larger 80 count bottle (about $30 ); the next size smaller runs about $20. My total savings on two 80 count bottles was $35 !!